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Patheon Signs Flexible Manufacturing Agreement with Amgen

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Patheon has announced that it has signed a manufacturing agreement with Amgen. Amgen has selected Patheon to provide flexible manufacturing solutions to meet the growing demand for their innovative human therapeutics. “As we launch new products and expand into more countries, it is critical to have the capacity to respond to increases in demand for our medicines,” said Rayne Waller, vice president, global supply chain at Amgen.

“Manufacturing remains a core competency and a competitive advantage for Amgen and we are committed to supplying every patient, every time. This arrangement with Patheon supplements our own manufacturing network and provides us flexibility to ensure supply.” The rapidly changing biopharmaceutical marketplace presents tremendous challenges for biotechnology companies when it comes to demand forecasting.

To address this, Patheon has developed unique solutions and business models providing flexible manufacturing options for clients to address the complex client needs in a changing landscape. “We believe the departure from the “build or buy” paradigm represents a superior value for our clients,” said Michael Lehmann, executive vice president, global sales and marketing for Patheon.

“These flexible capacity solutions require a strategic and collaborative approach – different from the traditional “price per batch” concept. This agreement with Amgen is representative of the changing dialogue in the pharmaceutical services industry.” Patheon provides world class process development and cGMP manufacturing services for both drug substance and drug product, from pre-clinical to commercial supply, to its global client base.