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Peakdale Extends its Range of Medicinal Chemistry Services

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Peakdale Molecular Ltd has announced the extension of its range of Medicinal Chemistry Services to further support its customers’ drug discovery programmes.

The services enable the Company to provide compounds with a starting point for hit discovery, resulting in significant savings for subsequent optimisation.
The Company has added to its medicinal chemistry expertise and developed computer-aided drug design (CADD) tools that build on its core strength of innovative synthetic chemistry.

Peakdale’s Medicinal Chemistry Services are designed to complement its customers’ drug discovery initiatives through hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects, patent protection projects, back-up chemotypes and fast follower candidate programmes.

They also include the synthesis of chemogenetic arrays on an exclusive basis utilising Peakdale’s privileged scaffolds. The services are underpinned by Peakdale’s strength in CADD, used to simulate drug-receptor interactions.

The Company’s expertise in this specialist discipline enables its scientists to frontload compounds with beneficial ADMET properties and to construct 3D-QSAR models to identify favourable regions of chemical space.
Commenting on the announcement, Kim Morrison, Peakdale CEO, noted, "The enhancement of our service offering, led by Dr Terry Hart, is a major step in the drive to further support our pharmaceutical and biotech customers’ research and drug discovery programmes and marks a new chapter in the Company’s development."