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Plastic Exposure During Pregnancy Hinders Brain Development

News   Jul 17, 2018 | Original Story from SfN

Perinatal Exposure to Phthalates Results in Lower Number of Neurons and Synapses in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex

Adult rats that had been exposed before birth and during nursing to a mixture of chemicals found in a wide range of consumer products have a smaller medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and perform worse on an attention-switching task than rats not exposed to the chemicals early in life. These findings, published in JNeurosci, demonstrate a long-term influence of endocrine-disrupting compounds on brain development. Kougias et al., JNeurosci (2018)



Brain Cancer Potentially Resists Immunotherapies by Trapping T Cells in Bone Marrow


Certain brain cancers are associated with low numbers of immune system T-cells circulating in the peripheral blood. Low T-cell numbers can be a side-effect of cancer treatment. But it now appears that there is more to the story of these missing T-cells.


A Research Partnership to Find Treatments for Neurological Disorders


BioMotiv and Cure Network Dolby Acceleration Partners launch a collaboration to find better treatments for brain disorders.



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