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PHT Sets ePRO Industry Milestone with 400th Electronic Clinical Trial

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PHT Corporation accomplished a significant new ePRO industry milestone as it announced its 400th clinical trial. PHT is a provider of ePRO solutions used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology clinical trials worldwide.

PHT President and CEO Phil Lee said, “This is a remarkable achievement not just for PHT, but for the industry. Our customers have made ePRO the standard because of the unsurpassed data quality that it yields. Pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors also recognize eDiaries as required technology for fast, safe, and economical trials for developing medical breakthroughs that improve the lives of millions of patients.”

Mr. Lee also credited PHT’s organization, saying, “The vision, professionalism and dedication of PHT’s employees around the world allowed us to realize this unsurpassed milestone.”

Among the significant factors in PHT’s reaching its 400th clinical trial:

Experience – The Company is recognized for its PMI-based processes, expertise in global logistics, consistent project management teams throughout a trial, and its 24x7 international Help Desk.

Product Suite – PHT offers the widest range of ePRO solutions to deliver the voice of the patient directly and without distortion. These products include the LogPad® and SitePad® Tablet.

Scientific guidance throughout a trial – PHT’s science team uses a consultative, best practices approach customized for each individual trial.

Patient Safety – PHT’s capabilities include automatic notification of missed eDiary entries as well as direct messaging to both subjects and sites.

ISO Certification – PHT is the only handheld ePRO provider to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification and has maintained the world-class standard for the past six years with two re-certifications. PHT’s practices for continuous improvement include audit success history, issue resolution, and clear documentation.

Study Archive – PHT’s Study Archive provides trial documentation in PDF format and eSource data in XML format, on media that is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be readable for 100 years. It complies with US, Japan, and European Union requirements for data retention and trial reconstruction.