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PolyTherics Announces New Senior Management Appointments

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The announcement comes as PolyTherics is poised to expand its capabilities for developing PEGylated biopharmaceuticals for therapeutic application.

Dr Sally Waterman, previously Director of Research & Development at Protherics (now part of BTG), joins PolyTherics as Chief Operating Officer. Sally was most recently responsible for global drug development and a polymer research group in Salt Lake City which undertook formulation feasibility studies for third parties and supported proprietary programmes. Prior to Protherics Sally held a similar position with KS Biomedix (acquired by Xenova) and before that managed the non-clinical development group at Vernalis.

Dr Jeff Edwards has also joined PolyTherics as Director of Development. Jeff was previously responsible for development at Thiakis, an Imperial College spin-out company focused on the discovery and development of drugs for obesity and acquired by Wyeth in December 2008. Jeff had previously held positions as Director of Alliance Management and Head of Exploratory Development at Ipsen where his responsibilities included therapeutic peptide development.