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PPI to Open Additional Full Service Pharmaceutical Packaging Facility in NJ

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Platinum Press, Inc. (PPI) has recently announced the acquisition of a new 60,000-square-foot packaging facility in Pine Brook, New Jersey. Approximately 55,000 square feet will be dedicated to manufacturing and operations, while 5,000 square feet will be earmarked for office use. As the business continues to grow, an additional 40,000 square feet of production/office space is available for immediate use.

Platinum Press’ new facility will be fully equipped and staffed to produce all of the same printed packaging components as its headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas; namely, the new plant will offer digital, flexographic and lithographic printing capabilities utilizing packaging machinery, including several large format insert/outsert folders.

PPI expects the New Jersey facility to become fully operational during Q1 of 2015, and to employ approximately 40 highly-skilled packaging professionals.

“Many of our clients’ pharmaceutical packaging components are currently being shipped into the NY/NJ area,” explains Tom Miller, President and CEO of Platinum Press. “Opening a New Jersey facility with the same capabilities as our Texas plant will ensure complete redundancy, reduce shipping costs, improve turnaround time and alleviate weather-related shipping/production issues. The new Pine Brook, NJ location will also allow us to strengthen our position in the northeast market and better serve our expanding customer base.”

“In addition to the NJ facility, we have also been investing in numerous nationwide advertising, marketing, public relations and rebranding initiatives - all designed to help align our corporate image with our capabilities portfolio,” said Andrew Vale, Senior VP of Corporate Strategy and Development at Platinum Press.

Vale continued, “For years we have been producing high quality, customized healthcare packaging solutions in Texas. Now that we have two all-encompassing facilities, which will virtually double our production capacity, we are poised to increase our share of voice and share of market. Once packaging professionals fully understand who we are and what we have to offer, they will recognize our steadfast commitment to serving our customers and the benefits of partnering with us.”