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PROTEONOMIX, INC.'s CEO to Present at Investor Summit 2012

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The company will be presenting at the Investor Summit 2012 on February 1, 2012, sponsored by Merriman Capital at the Intercontinental Time Square Hotel in New York City.

Michael Cohen, President of the Company, stated: "We thank Merriman Capital for the opportunity address the investment community regarding the Company's UMK 121 technology. The Company will address the use of the technology in the emerging markets, particularly in Africa where large numbers of cases of severe cirrhosis and accompanying End Stage Liver Disease exist."

Mr. Cohen continued, "Our UMK-121 pharmaceutical therapy is advancing toward its first clinical trial in ESLD ("End Stage Liver Disease") patients. In addition we intend to highlight other parts of our company of interest to the investment community including our Proteoderm cosmeceutical subsidiary and StromaCel."