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Proteros Biostructures Raises 5.2 Million Euros for Business Expansion

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Proteros biostructures GmbH, located in Martinsried has announced that the BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH in Munich has again invested, currently €1,000,000, in Proteros as a silent partner.

The additional equity capital permitted the acquisition of an additional €4,200,000 in financing and research funds. The specialist for three-dimensional protein structure analysis will use the capital in particular for increasing service capacity and expanding the fragment screening and protein production areas.

The analysis of protein and protein-ligand structures for international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and crop protection companies facilitates development of drugs for medicinal products.

"Proteros possesses technological unique selling propositions that are advancements based on the more than 30 years of research by chemistry Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Robert Huber of the Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry," comments BayBG managing director Peter Pauli while describing the nature of Proteros products and services.

Pauli justified the renewed commitment of BayBG with the sustained positive development of the company since its founding in 1998 and the continuously growing industry demand for protein structure analyses by Proteros.

"Ever since the beginning, the decision makers at BayBG have positively assessed the potential of our company," says Proteros CEO, Dr. Torsten Neuefeind. "Moreover, I value the long-term investment horizon of the BayBG that allows us to further effectively develop the service-based business of Proteros."