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Qualyst and Solvo Biotechnology Announce Alliance for B CLEAR® in Europe

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Solvo Biotechnology and Qualyst, Inc. have announced that Solvo has obtained a license to Qualyst’s B CLEAR® system. B-CLEAR® products and services are projected to be available in Europe from Solvo in early 2008.  Financial details were not disclosed.

B-CLEAR® is a patented system for the in vitro assessment and in vivo prediction of hepatobiliary disposition, hepatic uptake, hepatic efflux, biliary clearance and drug transport. B-CLEAR® offers research organizations the ability to generate physiologically-relevant data and enable decision making in critical areas related to hepatic transport and adverse drug interactions, helping to avoid costly drug development challenges.

B-CLEAR® can be used as an early discovery screen for promotion of compounds, as a source of lead optimization guidance, and as a tool to address development-stage drug transport and drug-drug interaction challenges.