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Quotient Bioresearch extends agreement with GE Healthcare to complete transfer into new radiochemistry facility in Cardiff

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This extension will assure customers of a smooth transition and uninterrupted supply of carbon-14 labelled compounds during the move of Amersham Radiolabelling Services from the existing site to its new state-of-the-art facility in Cardiff this Spring.
At the time of the acquisition in June 2009, Quotient formed its Chemistry & Metabolism business unit and announced a £15 million investment in a new facility in Cardiff. The dedicated facility will be equipped with world-class technology and operate to the highest environmental and safety standards. It will house the largest and most experienced team of radiosynthesis chemists in the world. Now, a timescale for completion and the transfer of production has been confirmed for Spring 2010.

Stephen Lewinton, Managing Director, Quotient Chemistry & Metabolism said: “We are very pleased with the progress of our new building. The extension we have agreed with GE Healthcare allows client work to continue as normal at the existing labs until commissioning of the new facility is completed.  This gives us additional capability by allowing transfer of synthesis intermediates with no project delays and provides greater flexibility on completing regulatory processes and validations at the new facility. The bottom line is that we can assure our clients that at no time will all of the labs be closed, and so service can effectively be maintained throughout the transition period.”

Paul Cowan, CEO of Quotient Bioresearch said: “We remain excited by this acquisition and the client feedback we have received since June, and believe it provides a strong cornerstone for our unique ‘synthesis to clinic’ capability. The extension of transitional arrangements with GE Healthcare will remove a great deal of uncertainty concerning our ability to continuously and seamlessly service our client’s needs during this period.”