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Quotient Clinical Celebrates its 100th RapidFACT® Program

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RapidFACT has been proven to accelerate drug formulation development for all routes of delivery, and over 50 leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally have now adopted this approach.

RapidFACT can reduce development timelines by at least 50 % while delivering significant cost savings. This is achieved through Quotient Clinical’s innovative Translational Pharmaceutics platform, which integrates formulation development, GMP manufacturing and clinical testing in one location, allowing the product to be adapted in real-time, based on emerging clinical data. This approach has already been successfully used in programs focused on evaluating solubilisation technologies, optimising modified release systems, changing routes of delivery and developing combination products, with over 300 different formulation prototypes studied to date.

John McDermott, Executive Director of Drug Product Optimisation at Quotient Clinical, commented: “RapidFACT was launched in response to the challenges our customers faced in their development pipelines. We are delighted to announce our 100th program as confirmation of our ability to shorten timelines and save costs in the reformulation and optimisation of drug products. Ultimately, this approach is helping our customers to address many of the R&D productivity issues prevalent in the industry today.”