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RBC and Key Organics Announce Drug Discovery Collaboration

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Reaction Biology Corporation ("RBC") and Key Organics Ltd.  have announced that they have created a Joint Venture ("JV") to engage in high throughput drug discovery.

The purpose of the JV is to identify a series of compounds with the potential of becoming drugs with further research, and then to partner or sell the compounds to pharmaceutical companies interested in the selected targets.

Key Organics supplies diverse sets of compounds synthesized in-house using classical organic procedures optimized for primary screening of druggable targets.

RBC's DiscoveryDot™ microarray technology is designed to reduce screening volumes to one nanoliter size, allowing large scale screening.

Key Organics will provide compounds for screening against these targets using RBC's DiscoveryDot™ screening technology.

Key Organics will then provide additional chemical analysis and compound synthesis, and RBC will perform additional screening and profiling. The companies will then collaborate on further development of selected compounds.