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Recipharm is Commencing Negotiations with LIDDS

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Recipharm has announced that it has commenced negotiations with the pharmaceutical company LIDDS regarding collaboration on manufacture of Liproca Depot® ahead of continued clinical development and a potential future market launch.

In a joint letter of intent the companies have explained their intention to initiate collaboration regarding scale-up, manufacture and quality assurance of LIDDS’ pharmaceutical products. Such a collaboration will initially focus on Liproca® Depot, a targeted treatment for prostate cancer that is currently in Phase II, but it may also include other products based on LIDDS’ unique technology platform. The letter of intent follows a so-called feasibility study performed by Recipharm. The results of this study confirm the possibility of developing a process for manufacture that ensures a high-quality end product.

“Collaboration with a manufacturing partner as renowned as Recipharm increases the power of attraction of our prostate-cancer product Liproca® Depot. A high-quality and cost-effective manufacturing process increases the chances of in the future being able to offer better treatment to patients with prostate cancer,” says Monica Wallter, LIDDS’ CEO.

“There is great potential in LIDDS’ technology platform for development of new treatments for diseases where local administration is desirable. We look forward to contributing with our technical expertise in the field of manufacture, so that cancer patients can in future be offered treatments associated with fewer side effects,” says Maria Lundberg General Manager Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development.