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Re-Pharm Identifies Novel Anti-Inflammatory Activity for Existing Compound

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Re-Pharm has announced the identification of RP0217 as an effective new anti-inflammatory agent.

RP0217 is an existing drug which is widely prescribed for non-inflammatory conditions. The identification of this novel anti-inflammatory activity creates the opportunity to develop new non-steroidal approaches to the treatment of a variety of disease indications.

“Re-Pharm is dedicated to re-purposing compounds to address areas of unmet medical need,” says Dr Alan Rothaul, CSO at Re-Pharm. “Our streamlined method made it possible to move efficiently through pharmacological assessment, computational chemistry work and initial testing in order to demonstrate novel anti-inflammatory activity for an existing drug.”

“We are delighted with the discovery of RP0217 and look forward to its progression through clinical trials,” says Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO at Re-Pharm. “The filing of our first patents represents a significant validation of Re-Pharm’s approach to re-profiling and I look forward to many similar future successes.”