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Rhythm, Camurus Announce License Agreement

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Under the terms of the agreement, Camurus has granted Rhythm a worldwide license to the FluidCrystal technology to formulate setmelanotide and to develop, manufacture, and commercialize this new formulation that has the potential for once-weekly dosing, administered as a subcutaneous injection. Rhythm plans to initiate a Phase I clinical trial with the setmelanotide FluidCrystal formulation after completing GMP manufacturing.

“We have developed a setmelanotide formulation with Camurus with an impressive sustained-duration profile,” said Bart Henderson, President of Rhythm. “We believe this new formulation will provide a significant benefit to patients, improving compliance and ease of use with once-weekly dosing.”

“The partnership with Rhythm follows the formulation development and preclinical assessment of this compelling drug candidate based on our FluidCrystal Injection depot technology,” said Fredrik Tiberg, President and CEO of Camurus. “Rhythm’s setmelanotide represents a novel approach to treating patients suffering from life-threatening obesity due to these rare and serious genetic disorders.”

The license granted to Rhythm is specific to the FluidCrystal technology incorporating setmelanotide. The formulation has been developed in a collaboration between the companies. Under the terms of the license agreement, Rhythm is responsible for manufacturing, development, and commercialization of the setmelanotide FluidCrystal formulation worldwide. Camurus is eligible to receive an upfront payment and progressive payments of approximately $65 million, of which the majority are sales milestones. In addition, Camurus is eligible to receive tiered, mid to mid-high, single digit royalties on future sales of the product.