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SCOLR Pharma Extends Research Agreement with Consumer Products Company

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SCOLR Pharma, Inc. has announced an extension of its research agreement with a global consumer products company to co-develop an application of its CDT® drug delivery technology.

Stephen J. Turner, SCOLR’s Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, stated “This extension is a positive indication of the progress we are making with our co-development partner on a novel application of our CDT drug delivery technology. We remain optimistic that if successful, a branded consumer product incorporating our technology could begin commercialization by 2009.”

SCOLR recently announced entering a development and licensing agreement with Dr. Reddy for a cardiopulmonary application of its CDT technology. SCOLR also continues its collaboration with Biocryst to development of an oral application of Biocryst’s peramivir, an anti-viral compound currently in clinical trials as potential intramuscular and intervenous treatments for seasonal and life-threatening influenza.

Under the terms of the agreement, SCOLR will receive a research fee. If the program is successful, it is anticipated that the parties would enter a global license agreement to allow for application of SCOLR’s technology.