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Sengenics, RayBiotech Announce Commercial Partnership

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Sengenics and Raybiotech have announced that they have entered into a commercial partnership to co-brand Sengenics’ flagship protein array platform, Immunome. Sengenics Commercial Director, Matthew Rawlings, said, “The Raybiotech-Sengenics relationship is a very exciting commercial development to enhance Immunome’s overall market potential. Sengenics will leverage Raybiotech's worldwide commercial expertise in proteomics with the unique features of the Immunome protein array, namely, the world’s only protein array platform with 100% correctly folded, full-length and functionally validated proteins. Our aim working together will be to provide mutual customers the ability to use this technology for a wide variety of proteomics applications including autoimmune and cancer biomarker discovery; measuring and monitoring global immune response to drugs; as well as carrying out on-array kinase inhibitor drug assays."

Raybiotech currently has over 60 distributors in more than 40 countries globally, and has established a very strong presence in the United States, Europe and China. As part of the partnership, Sengenics and Raybiotech will focus on dual-branding, marketing and distribution strategies for Immunome protein arrays and associated services.

A fundamental differentiating factor of Immunome protein arrays is that proteins are never allowed to dry out, ensuring that they maintain the correct conformation and hence remain functional. For this reason Immunome protein arrays are shipped on dry ice from multiple global locations. To simplify shipping logistics, Sengenics and Raybiotech will hold stock of Immunome protein arrays in five locations: Arizona and Georgia, Guangzhou, Brunei and Singapore.