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Snapdragon Announces New Labs in Cambridge

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Snapdragon Chemistry is pleased to make several significant announcements.  First, Snapdragon has moved to new lab facilities at 85 Bolton Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   Snapdragon’s corporate partner, Zaiput Flow Technologies, has also moved to the 85 Bolton Street site.  This co-location will enhance the collaboration of these strategic partners and accelerate the development of advanced continuous chemical manufacturing technologies and solutions.

Snapdragon also announces completion of an investment round that enables both the significant expansion of its capabilities and technologies and the recruitment of additional top scientists in order to keep pace with the high demand for Snapdragon’s services.  Snapdragon is expanding its reaction profiling and analytical capabilities to include additional in-line process analytical technologies (PAT), including real-time and automated feedback control of process parameters.  Snapdragon is also expanding its computational modeling capabilities, using reaction-profiling data in order to deliver “right-first-time” reactor design.

As part of the expansion, Snapdragon has hired Dr. Eric Fang as Director of Chemistry and added both PhD and BS level chemists.  Snapdragon also plans to hire additional scientists and engineers in the near future.

Finally, in recognition of his contributions to the expansion of the company and the successful fundraising round, Snapdragon is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Matthew Bio to President and CEO, succeeding the current President/CEO and Co-Founder Tim Jamison.  Jamison will continue as Chairman and as scientific and technical advisor to Snapdragon.  Co-founder Aaron Beeler will also continue to serve on the board of directors and as scientific and technical advisor.