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Symyx Announces Collaborative Partnership with Royal Society of Chemistry

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Symyx Technologies, Inc. and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) have announced the launch of a collaborative partnership designed to enhance the usability and accessibility of public scientific databases.

The first joint project links related chemical structures between two information sources, ChemSpider (from RSC) and DiscoveryGate (from Symyx), enabling scientists to retrieve more complete and comprehensive information.

ChemSpider is a free-access chemistry search engine that aggregates and indexes chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository.

DiscoveryGate provides online access to chemical sourcing, organic synthesis and reaction planning, metabolism, toxicity and pharmacological information, integrating information based on the occurrence of common chemical structures.

Interlinking the two products will enable scientists to browse chemical information on ChemSpider while simultaneously searching synthetic reactions, bioavailability information and up-to-date compound availability information from over 860 suppliers on DiscoveryGate.