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TCS Cellworks Ltd and Cell Culture Service Announce Bilateral Distribution Agreement

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TCS Cellworks has announced a bilateral distribution and support agreement with Cell Culture Service (CCS). The agreement will see CCS distribute and support the entire TCS Cellworks product range in Germany. This includes their angiogenesis assay based on the co-cultivation of fibroblasts and human endothelial cells. TCS in turn will distribute the CCS’s cell-based PRINCESS® Instant Assays in the United Kingdom.

Dr. James Otter, Manager of TCS Cellworks said, “We want to provide a fast and convenient technical support service to our German customers. For this reason we decided to collaborate with CCS, who can represent our products in a competent way.”

Dr. Oliver Klotzsche, CEO of CCS commented, “The ready-to-use cell based assays from TCS perfectly complement our product portfolio of unique cell-based assay kits. As such we would like to utilize this opportunity and combined product offering, to benefit a wider cell-based research community”.

The ready-to-use AngioKit® assay from TCS Cellworks is supplied in both a 24-well format for high content analysis (HCA), and a 96-well format for use in a high throughput screening (HTS) set-up. It is the first totally human cell co-culture model of angiogenesis that mimics all stages of the human angiogenic process; from endothelial cell activation, proliferation and migration, through extracellular matrix penetration and on to the formation of tubules, lumen as well as anastomosis.

With the PRINCESS® Instant Assays CCS Cell Culture Service sets new standards for cell-based analyses and screenings. CCS’s proprietary procedures enable cells to be frozen in microtiter plates while maintaining their viability and sensitivity over long periods of time. The cells can be activated on demand by the addition of medium for immediate use in an assay. As a result consistent ready-for-use test plates are immediately at hand when needed.