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Veryan Closes £3.6m Funding Round to Develop BioMimics 3D Stent Technology

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Veryan Holdings Limited announced that it has secured additional funding totaling £3.6 million (US $5.4 million) from a syndicate of Investors led by new investor Seroba Kernel, a European life science venture capital firm, alongside existing investors Imperial Innovations, Oxford Capital Partners Limited and NESTA.

The funds will be employed to finance further development activities and a clinical trial designed to show the clinical benefit of Veryans’ BioMimics 3D™ stent technology.

First in human study:

Veryan has recently commenced a First in Human and CE Mark study at Herz Zentrum, Bad Krozingen, Germany. The Principal Investigator is Professor Thomas Zeller, a recognized global expert in vascular medicine. As well as providing supporting data for achievement of CE Mark status, this study will evaluate the clinical performance attributes of the BioMimics 3D technology against a contemporary control stent and will include the assessment of a number of differentiating features of the Veryan stent technology.

Chas Taylor, Veryan’s Chief Executive, commented: "The initial results of our first in human study are excellent and appear to confirm the attributes that we have seen in pre-clinical studies. We are excited by the potential that the Company has to significantly influence the design of vascular stents in the future, we believe that this technology will provide significant clinical benefit in the treatment of vascular disease. We are delighted to welcome Seroba Kernel to our list of investors and wish to acknowledge the continued support of our existing investors.”