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Vial Filling Boost at SCM

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SCM Pharma is set to expand its vial filling capability after placing a major new order to help deal with several clinical trials and commercial supply contract wins.

The UK-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) has invested over £500k in new vial filling equipment that will arrive this summer and command a dedicated suite at its facility.

SCM Pharma undertakes vial filling across many projects but the new automated filler will deliver increased capacity, efficiency and integrate with its containment isolator.

The move follows increased demand for liquid and powder filling from new clients and existing clients with scale-up requirements.

Neal Wesley, technical director at SCM Pharma, said: “The new kit will give us a true containment system for vial filling in that it will allow us to fill various types of potent materials in different sized vials while being totally safe for the product and operator.

Wesley continued, “By having a system that isn’t compromised in anyway, we are able to handle more cytotoxic products such as oncology drugs, which we can safely fill at speed into vials under aseptic conditions to meet the demands of our clients.”

Although the investment will be a step change in the CDMO’s current filling capabilities, it remains at a scale that will be of interest mainly to companies requiring products for clinical trials and the supply of licensed drugs needed in niche markets such as orphan drugs.

SCM Pharma is planning to use Interphex in New York 1-3 May (booth 1372) as the platform to showcase its capability to sterile fill vials, ampoules and syringes to the U.S. market.

The CDMO recently announced a contract to develop and manufacture an injectable neonatal product for Ireland-based BrePco BioPharma to be used in a clinical trial researching the treatment of critically ill premature babies suffering from hypotension.