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Worldwide Clinical Trials Receives 2018 CRO Leadership Awards

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Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc. (Worldwide), an award-winning, full-service CRO, received a 2018 CRO Leadership Award for the fifth year in a row in five core categories: Capability, Compatibility, Expertise, Quality and Reliability.

Now in its sixth year, Life Science Leader, along with Industry Standard Research (ISR), conducted a survey consisting of 70 CROs recruited by Pharma and Biopharma companies of all sizes.

“Recognition by Life Science Leader’s CRO Leadership Awards for the fifth year running is a reflection of the talent, commitment and expertise of the 1,600 dedicated Worldwide Clinical Trials professionals who deliver uncommon value to our customers every day,” said Peter Benton, president and COO, Worldwide Clinical Trials. “Emerging to mid-size pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical organizations are realizing that large CRO consolidation is detrimental to their goals and the dedicated, informed commitment they deserve from a CRO partner. Their desire to partner with a CRO whose approach is to tailor research for their specific drug and situation is fueling Worldwide’s rapid growth and expansion.”

Worldwide was among 70 CROs evaluated by three groups of customers: Big Pharma, Small Pharma and Overall (Big and Small Pharma), that worked on an outsourced project within the past 18 months. Worldwide was recognized in the following categories in 2018:
- Capabilities (Overall, Small Pharma)
- Compatibility (Overall, Small Pharma)
- Expertise (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)
- Quality (Overall, Small Pharma)
- Reliability (Overall, Big Pharma, Small Pharma)

“Life Science Leader is proud to be working with ISR Reports to honor those CROs that have proven themselves to be the top performers in Compatibility, Capabilities, Expertise, Quality and Reliability. The winners were decided by looking at 20+ different performance metrics, as rated by decision-making executives at biopharmaceutical companies. The CROs receiving an award this year are truly at the top of their class, and are deserving of the recognition they receive. Being a top performer in any of these categories shows a level of expertise and commitment to clinical trials and serving the needs of biopharmaceutical companies and their patients,” said Ed Miseta, executive editor, Life Science Leader.