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Accelerating the Discovery of Transmembrane Protein-Targeting Drugs

Drug Targets

Drug discovery is a time-consuming, resource-intensive part of developing therapeutic targets. This is especially true for commonly considered 'undruggable' targets such as transmembrane proteins. The instability of these proteins outside of their natural, lipid bilayer environment makes it challenging to screen or optimize drug therapies targeting these proteins. 

High-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPR) is a powerful technique that is transforming conventional drug screening workflows. 

Through HT-SPR, faster, more streamlined workflows used to discover therapies targeting transmembrane proteins can be developed. This provides the same amount of information in a fraction of the time for thousands of drug candidates, revolutionizing the way drug discovery can be performed. 

Download this poster to explore how this technique can:

  • Screen up to 1,152 candidates in a single, unattended run 
  • Reveal both generalized binding and detailed kinetic characteristics
  • Analyze multiple drug formats with precision and ease

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