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Streamlining Biologics Development With the Expi Expression Systems

Streamlining Biologics Development With the Expi Expression Systems content piece image
Biologics-based medicines is a rapidly growing field and a promising solution to address many unmet medical needs. To meet market demands, biopharmaceutical developers are actively looking for more efficient and robust production platforms to reduce timelines and overall development costs. Throughput, productivity, and scalability of the expression platform, as well as availability of well-documented production cell lines, are key selection criteria when initiating a biologics campaign. To this end, the Gibco™ Expi Expression Systems are complete platforms that can speed up biologics development by enabling rapid, high-yield, and scalable protein or virus production from mammalian (ExpiCHO™ and Expi293™) and insect (ExpiSf™) cells. By providing flexible and high productivity solutions from three different cell hosts using optimized components, the Expi systems support every stage of your biologics development. This unified, end-to-end approach, reduces key product quality risks during development as one can use the same cell line from research to large-scale production while streamlining process development by utilizing integrated reagents for unmatched performance.