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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces new Microplate Spectrophotometer

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. today introduced the new Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO UV-Vis spectrophotometer offering free wavelength selection for both 96- and 384-well plates and various types of cuvettes.

The Multiskan® GO instrument features a broad wavelength range including UV area and pathlength correction, as well as fast spectral scanning, making it an ideal tool for virtually any photometric research application, including DNA, RNA and protein analysis.

This new spectrophotometer will be displayed at Thermo Scientific booth 101 in Hall B1 during Analytica 2010, being held March 23 - 26, in Munich, Germany.

The Multiskan GO spectrophotometer can support endpoint, kinetic and spectral scanning assays at fast speed. Any measurement wavelength between 200 and 1000 nm can be selected at any time with the advanced monochromator-based optical system, which also allows the complete spectrum of a sample to be scanned in less than 10 seconds. Temperature-critical assays benefit from the precise temperature control feature.

Designed to ensure first-rate performance and high-quality results with minimal user effort, the Multiskan GO spectrophotometer also features increased energy efficiency. Automatic self diagnostics at instrument start-up verifies all major instrument functionalities and continuous runtime control of optical and mechanical functions, ensuring stable day-to-day and year-on-year performance and reliability. Energy use by the unit is minimized by an automatic power save function, reducing energy consumption by up to 70 percent.

The Multiskan GO instrument can be controlled as a standalone unit with software for simple cuvette and plate measurements. Alternatively, even the most demanding applications can easily be set up using the intuitive Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software for PC control. Both the internal and PC software are available in multiple language versions including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.