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A scientist pipetting in a lab.
Product News

Sartorius Forms Partnership With Sparta Biodiscovery on Novel Nanoparticle Analysis Platform

SPARTA technology to accelerate the development, manufacture and quality control of nanoparticles used for gene therapies, vaccines, and cancer drugs.
An assortment of different pills.
Product News

Optibrium Releases Powerful Metabolism Prediction Capability in Next Generation StarDrop Software

Backed by six years’ research, the new StarDrop Metabolism module combines quantum mechanics and machine learning to better predict the metabolic fate of drug candidates.
A blue and white capsule in half with drug molecules in between.
Product News

Biosynth Extends Its Offering to Multi-Kilogram GMP Peptide Synthesis Through the Acquisition of Pepceuticals

The acquisition of multi-kilogram GMP and fill-finish capabilities enables the support of all phases of the
product life cycle from discovery to commercialisation.
Gloves holding a pipette with drug molecules overlayed.
Product News

Pistoia Alliance Enables Instant, Secure Transfer of Analytical Methods and Results Data Ahead of FDA Guidance

Successful proof of concept at GSK employs data transfer via cloud to facilitate secure and efficient collaboration across companies, labs and time zones.
Pyrophosphatase and T7 RNA Polymerase packets.
Product News

Launch of High-Quality Enzymes Suitable for Pre-Clinical and Process Development in mRNA Vaccine

Takara Bio Europe announced the launch of new High Quality grade mRNA production enzymes "T7 RNA polymerase, HQ" and "Pyrophosphatase (inorganic), HQ" suitable for pre-clinical and process development in mRNA vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing.
Drug molecules.
Product News

Kuano Raises £1.8M in Seed Funding to Accelerate Quantum Drug Discovery

Kuano, announced the close of its £1.8M seed funding round. The investment will facilitate further validation of Kuano’s quantum simulation platform for the design of more effective drug candidates targeting enzymes.
White pills on a blue background.
Product News

Novartis Kisqali® Reduced the Risk of Cancer Recurrence While Maintaining Quality of Life

Novartis presents new patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data from the Phase III NATALEE trial at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Virtual Plenary.
Cell culture.
Product News

CN Bio and LifeNet Health LifeSciences Partner To Supply Validated Primary Human Cells for Microphysiological Systems

A new partnership to provide customers with direct access to highly characterized hepatic cells to recreate advanced Liver-on-a-Chip assays. These will alleviate the need for stringent in-house quality control testing to maximize assay success.
An assortment of pills sitting in the palm of a hand.
Product News

Optibrium Acquires BioPharmics LLC, Expanding Its 3D Drug Design and Visualisation Offering

Optibrium, announced the acquisition of BioPharmics LLC, expanding its 3D drug design and modelling offering. Bringing decades of experience in computational chemistry and biology.
Lab-on-a-chip plate technology for screening minute amounts of cancerous tissue.
Product News

Lab-on-Chip Technology for Screening Live Tumor

ScreenIn3D reports on how their proprietary lab-on-a-chip technology is enabling cancer researchers to miniaturize their testing of biopsy tissue samples across a wide range of modalities and to test both single and combination drug therapies.