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Accelrys Releases Imaging Collection for SciTegic Pipeline Pilot™

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Accelrys, Inc. has announced the release of an Imaging Collection for SciTegic Pipeline Pilot™, a platform for scientific discovery and development.

The Imaging Collection brings the power of Pipeline Pilot’s workflow automation and visual programming capabilities to image processing tasks.

The Imaging Collection is designed to integrate image data with numerical, chemical, graphical and textual data in a unified computing framework. Sophisticated imaging tools can create and automate workflows to segment images as well as to identify, label and annotate objects.

Diverse types of imaging analysis are available with the Imaging Collection for a variety of applications including microscopy, high content screening, tissue analysis, high throughput screening, micro array analysis and many more.

"Over 70% of the experiments in pharmaceutical research and development result in an image as output. With the Imaging Collection, our customers will experience immediate benefits from our sophisticated tools for handling and analyzing image data," said Mark J. Emkjer, president and chief executive officer of Accelrys.

“This product opens new market opportunities for Accelrys as it reaches new users with a wide variety of applications.”