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Activotec Releases PLS Organic Synthesizer

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Activotec has released the PLS Organic Synthesizer that can perform up to 24 reactions simultaneously and is simple to set-up and use.

According to Activotec, accommodating a wide selection of glass solution phase and Teflon™ solid phase reactors (1ml to 50 ml) the PLS Organic Synthesizer is the perfect choice for lead generation, reaction optimisation, accelerating process development and combinatorial catalysis.

Powerful, variable-speed vortex mixing ensures that the system is able to cope with almost any reaction medium effectively. The PLS Organic Synthesiser also offers the versatility to be adapted to operate at elevated (up to 150C) or sub-ambient temperatures (-80C). Options for parallel washing and cleavage further enhance the productivity that the PLS Organic Synthesizer can unlock.

Manufactured from materials chosen for their robustness and chemical resistivity the PLS Organic Synthesizer has been designed to fit in almost any fumehood and to provide long-term reliability.