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Acumen® eX3: Viable Alternative for FMAT Analysis

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TTP LabTech has announced the results of two collaborative studies using its Acumen eX3 fluorescence microplate cytometer. Collectively, these data demonstrate that the eX3 is a flexible and robust screening instrument capable of supporting a large number of different assay formats that are key to current drug discovery and development.

The first collaboration involved the analysis of a hybridoma screen using both the FMAT 8100 HTS system (Applied Biosystems) and an Acumen eX3 laser scanning cytometer. Resultant trends for quantification of cell- and bead-based bound antibody were comparable between the two instruments.

Data demonstrated that the Acumen is suitable for homogeneous binding assays and is a viable alternative to the discontinued FMAT assay detection instruments.

The Acumen eX3’s utility does not stop there and extends beyond simple binding assays into high content screening. A recent collaboration between TTP LabTech and Nerviano Medical Sciences aimed to increase throughput of a complex 4-colour multiplexed cell cycle assay without a deleterious effect on data quality.

The Acumen achieved a 4.5 fold increase in throughput and the results proved to be in good concordance with those of the Cellomics ArrayScan. Acumen is the ideal choice for primary screening. It can identify hits that may be followed up in more detail using the complimentary ArrayScan technology.

Acumen’s strength comes from the combination of high throughput laser scanning data acquisition, plus its simple cytometric approach to data analysis. Both contribute to the generation of robust results.

In addition, data file sizes are smaller than those generated by high content imaging technologies. These key features give Acumen eX3 the ability to achieve throughputs analyzing over 300,000 wells per day, meaning that it has become an enabling platform for screening departments globally.