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Agilent Introduces Assay Kits for its 2100 Bioanalyzer Platform

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the Series II family of assay kits for the Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer platform. The Series II kits are designed to offer improvements in all specifications, including sensitivity, sizing range, and sample matrix tolerance for RNA, DNA and protein.

"We’ve been developing Lab-on-a-Chip based assays since 1999, and have listened carefully to the needs of thousands of users," said Tobias Preckel, product marketing manager for Agilent’s 2100 bioanalyzer assays.

"Series II demonstrates how Agilent translates customer input and experience from development of the Agilent 5100 Automated Lab-on-a-Chip Platform assays into products that deliver better value."

In addition to improved specifications, the kits offer an extended shelf life of a minimum of four months, which is expected to grow with further testing.

There is no price increase over existing 2100 Lab-on-a-Chip assay kits, and users will no longer need to purchase separate RNA ladders for the RNA assay.

The existing kits will be phased out in June 2006.  The assay kits are reverse-compatible with all Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer instruments. A free software upgrade is required to run the assays.

The improved Series II protein assays are designed to facilitate the replacement of time- and labor-intensive SDS-PAGE and capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) measurements in research and regulated laboratories, with much faster microfluidic analyses.

Agilent claims that, the Protein 80 kit provides optimal performance for the analysis of proteins from 5 to 80kDa, which is ideal for analyzing reduced antibodies.

Series II improvements include: Sizing range, reproducibility, sensitivity and sample matrix tolerance, compatibility of DNA 1000 and Protein 230 with 5100 Automated Lab-on-a-Chip Platform HT-assays, Protein 80 kit, optimized for high-resolution sizing and quantitation of proteins from 5 to 80kDa, Improved sample injection for better robustness, salt tolerance and quantitation reproducibility.

Series II also includes ladders and markers with higher purity and stability, RNA ladder, which is now part of the RNA kits, removed impurities from the protein sizing range, increased committed shelf life starting at a minimum of 4 months, RNA and protein kits boxed in two parts for storage at 4 or -20C, 21 CFR part 11 Compliance services and products available as options.