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Agilent Launches AssayMAP Bravo and Cartridges for Protein Purification

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of the AssayMAP Bravo platform and protein purification cartridges, a fully automated solution for high-throughput protein sample preparation and purification.

Combining the best-in-class liquid handling of the Agilent Bravo with the AssayMAP Protein A micro-chromatography technology, the Bravo for Protein Purification enables quick, precise and highly parallel microscale purification of target antibodies.

With this combined solution, customers can generate high-purity samples that can be used for direct titer assays or downstream characterization and processing applications.

“This launch offers a complete solution for a variety of sample prep applications and saves valuable time developing and validating assays, allowing customers to focus on generating business-critical data to advance their biologics pipeline,” said Nitin Sood, general manager of Agilent’s Automation Solutions Division. “The AssayMAP Bravo and cartridges for protein purification are ideal for those in biologics discovery and development who need streamlined, precise purification of their protein of interest.”

The Bravo for Protein Purification uses disposable, 5-microliter packed-bed AssayMAP cartridges in a 96-channel microplate format, which reduces the amount of starting sample used and speeds time to results. Target protein can be purified from a variety of common sources, including:

• cell culture supernatants
• cell culture lysates
• hybridoma cultures
• protein expression systems

The AssayMAP Bravo for Protein Purification is a fully supported system, with hardware and software as well as the cartridges used in the equipment available directly from Agilent.