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Agilent Technologies Introduces Versatile Solution for LC Method Development Workflow

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Agilent Technologies has introduced a versatile new 1200 Series Liquid Chromatography (LC) Method Development Solution that will help chromatographers speed method development times and remove monotonous tasks, saving days of work in the lab.

Agilent’s new 1200 Series LC solution for method development offers flexibility based on an unmatched combination of advanced LC instrumentation, columns and new application-specific software.

“This expansion of Agilent’s most successful 1200 Series LC system, along with ChemStation software products, will help researchers obtain optimum separation methods without wasting time on manual column and solvent changing,” said Fred Strohmeier, general manager, Liquid Phase Separations Division. “It can save days of work in the lab, especially when combined with our new column and mass spec technology.”

1200 LC Method Development Solution Features

• Ability to select between up to eight columns and 15 different solvents by a single click in the column compartment and pump user interface. There are virtually no restrictions on column choice.

• Up to 288 different test conditions for binary gradient separation - on a system tailored to the customers needs.

• More than 50 LC modules for different detection modes and different budgets.

• Easier-than-ever setup of complex method scouting campaigns with the new Agilent ChemStation Method Scouting Wizard.

The power of Agilent’s Rapid Resolution LC technology delivers the highest speed and resolution, along with the largest portfolio of column chemistries. Therefore, customers can solve their separation problems faster than ever.

These systems provide workflow solutions well suited to any LC method development group. The new methods are compatible with downstream standard 1200 Series configurations in QA/QC and other applications. Agilent services, columns, software and consumables offerings complement all solutions.