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Almac Announces Launch of IXRS 2.0 Next Generation Clinical Technology

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Almac announces the launch of its IXRS® 2.0 integrated, interactive voice (IVR) and web response (IWR) technology.

IXRS™ set the standard as the first integrated phone-web patient and drug supply management system on the market. Now, IXRS® 2.0 is developed to improve the user experience through enhanced web functionality, such as smart menus and intuitive task management in order to achieve new levels of productivity at clinical trial sites and sponsor organizations worldwide. Almac will showcase IXRS® 2.0 at the upcoming DIA Annual Meeting, held June 13 – 17, 2010, in Washington, D.C.

Jim Murphy, President of Almac’s Clinical Technologies division comments: “Almac was the pioneer of integrated phone and web platform technology in our industry when we released IXRS™ in 2006. Since then, we have added new features and functionalities each year to establish IXRS™ as the most flexible and efficient platform in the market. With IXRS® 2.0, Almac takes IVR/IWR technology to a new level. Since over 50% of IXRS™ transactions are now conducted online, we have added smart menus and informed navigation, along with other key features to greatly improve the user experience and improve the quality of data we collect for biopharmaceutical clients.”

Smart menus and informed navigation, two key features of IXRS® 2.0, improve the work flow of professionals at clinical trials sites and biopharmaceutical firms. IXRS® 2.0 smart menu technology presents users with valid options only and guides them to correct choices, directing their workflow in a logical and intuitive manner. Moreover, smart menus reduce manual data entry and hence improve data quality by reducing the likelihood of human error. Leveraging informed navigation, site and sponsor personnel can easily manage subject data, visit schedules, kit assignments, drug supply strategies, expiration dates, drug holds, recalls, shipment releases, temperature excursions, re-labeling of supplies, and more with a few clicks of a mouse.

Valarie Higgins, Vice President of Almac Clinical Project Services: “Our clients are facing tremendous pressures to streamline clinical trials, improve sponsor and site productivity, and reduce timelines. IXRS® 2.0 was designed to achieve all three of those goals. We spent considerable time interviewing sponsors to assure we delivered on their most pressing needs with IXRS® 2.0. Combined with the recently release of Almac Interactive Reporting, IXRS® 2.0 is revolutionizing the way patients and drug supply are managed in clinical trials.”

IXRS® 2.0 was designed to facilitate many of the aspects of modern clinical trials. It features increased randomization functionality and cohort management capabilities for adaptive and other complex trial designs, helping to shorten timelines on such studies.

Additionally, given the growing number of biologics in the development pipeline, IXRS® 2.0 offers several new features for cold chain management, temperature excursion tracking, and other vital functions to assure that expensive biologics are closely monitored and are not wasted.

Almac will showcase IXRS® 2.0 and Almac Interactive Reporting at the DIA Conference, June 13-17. As sponsors and sites log-on to one portal to access both Almac Interactive Reporting and IXRS® 2.0, demos will show how users can interact with both technologies to enhance productivity and trial efficiencies.