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An Improved Solid-phase Extraction Product for the Banned Antibiotic Chloramphenicol

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MIP Technologies AB has announced the launch of MIP4SPEChloramphenicol, a specialist product for the Analytical Separations market. This product is a solid-phase extraction (SPE) sorbent specific for Chloramphenicol.

Due to the suspicion that Chloramphenicol is carcinogenic and that it can cause aplastic anaemia in humans it was totally banned in the EU in 1994.

Today a zero tolerance level for food exists since maximum tolerance levels cannot be established for compounds with this level of toxicity.

MIP claims that, by using the MIP4SPE phase, residues of Chloramphenicol can be extracted efficiently and rapidly, improving considerably on existing extraction methods.

Furthermore, detection limits well below the minimum required performance limit (MRPL) for Chloramphenicol are achieved, enhancing the reliability of the detection and ensuring improved food safety and quality.

One of the first companies to test MIP4SPE is the Nestle Research Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

"We are excited to test this new product for selective extraction of Chloramphenicol from food matrices, and we hope that using a MIP in combination with MS detection will lead to accelerate the turn-around-time for analysis and to lower detection limits compared with other methods," said Dr. Philippe Guy from the Nestle Research Centre.

"We are very pleased by this new product. The high recoveries, speed and ease of extraction and elimination of traditional, labor intensive extraction steps are hallmarks of analytical products from MIP Technologies," said Dr Anthony Rees, the CEO.