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AnaSpec Introduces HiLytePlus™ Series of Fluorescent Dyes

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AnaSpec has announced the release of the HiLytePlus™ series of fluorescent dyes. Demonstrating greater brightness than AnaSpec’s HiLyte Fluor™ line, this series represents the next generation in AnaSpec’s line of high performance fluorescent dyes.

With excitation wavelengths of 555, 647 and 750 nm, the HiLytePlus™ series is optimized for long wavelength biomarker labeling.

R&D Manager, Dr. Rich Meyer noted, “Our original HiLyte Fluor™ series was already returning superior performance results in comparison to Cy® and similar dyes. With the introduction of our HiLytePlus™ series, we are looking to distance ourselves even further in terms of performance.

By maintaining a price point that is significantly more cost effective than our major competitors, we believe that our HiLytePlus™ series will prove to be extremely competitive in the high performance biomarker labeling market.”

The HiLytePlus™ series dyes are available individually and in AnaTag™ Labeling Kits, labeled secondary antibodies, and labeled streptavidin. The individual dyes are available in different reactive forms – acid, amine, C2 maleimide, hydrazide, and succinimidyl esters (SE).