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Anton Paar Introduces the High Throughput Rheometer

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Anton Paar has presented the High Throughput Rheometer (HTR) - a fully automated, robotically operated rheometer. Not losing an ounce of MCR 301’s world-renowned accuracy – yet giving customers back their entire working day, as the company said.

Anton Paar’s High Throughput Rheometer is a landmark: the modern principles of high-throughput screening brought to full function on the MCR 301 rheometer package.

The basic MCR 301 setup remains as modular and customizable as ever - with the difference that HTR now performs all measuring steps automatically. In its standard setup, it processes 96 samples in a single run – working for up to 24 hours.

HTR secures the consistent and uniform sample preparation. Measuring parameters and sample data are transferred to a monitoring database, all relevant procedures are defined and stored as job lists, and HTR gets to work.

Samples are identified via future-oriented 2D datamatrix codes at the bottom of each sample cup – this data is also used for the fully programmable filling procedure.

Toolmaster configures the measuring system. The Rheoplus software ‘sees to it’ that all measuring procedures accord with the customer’s pre-defined wishes. The measurements are performed with concentric cylinder as well as with cone-and-plate and parallel-plate geometries.

The sample preparation station and the cleaning unit can be adapted to the specific needs of the individual application. Moreover, the MCR rheometer can be equipped with different environment control systems. Thus HTR redefines high throughput rheology for a wide range of applications as different as dispersions, emulsions, coatings, gels, polymer melts, and solid polymers.

The measurement data and analysis results can be transferred to a monitoring database. All Rheoplus analysis methods are available. Throughput is further maximized by not stopping for cleaning procedures: The parallel use of 2 measuring systems allows to continue measurements with one system while the other is being cleaned.