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Arctoris Launches Its Expanded Robotic Platform Ulysses

Arctoris Launches Its Expanded Robotic Platform Ulysses content piece image
Credit: Arctoris
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Arctoris Ltd, an Oxford-based technology company operating a fully automated drug discovery platform,  unveiled its new and expanded, next-generation robotic platform, Ulysses.

Arctoris was founded in 2016 by Martin-Immanuel Bittner MD DPhil (CEO) and Tom Fleming MChem (COO), as the world’s first fully automated drug discovery platform. Through end-to-end automation, the company’s unique technology platform rapidly delivers reliable, reproducible, and fully auditable datasets enabling better decision-making early in the drug discovery process.

Looking back at the past five years, the company’s CEO Dr Martin-Immanuel Bittner said “The drug discovery ecosystem is evolving rapidly, and the key to success is having access to the right data at the right time, to progress the right projects towards the clinic. Arctoris plays an important role in enabling true data-driven drug discovery globally, by generating the data that powers decisions in biotech and pharma companies on three continents.”

Tom Fleming, COO of Arctoris, added “Drug discovery is undergoing a rapid digital metamorphosis, and Ulysses plays a central catalytic role in that transformation. This success is the result of our amazing team’s dedication and hard work over these past five years, combined with guidance from experienced and insightful advisors and board members. We are looking forward to the next five years, which will see even greater change and accelerated growth, toward a future where treatments and cures can be generated at a fraction of the time and cost, and we are privileged to play our role in building that future”

Having strengthened its team over the past few years with several high-profile hires and Advisory Board appointments, the company has recently announced partnerships with Insilico Medicine and Syntekabio, while further expanding its operations globally.

Arctoris invited media representatives to an exclusive, virtual press event to celebrate its anniversary, The event featured a presentation by Martin-Immanuel Bittner outlining the history of Arctoris and trends in the drug discovery market, followed by a presentation and live tour of Ulysses by Tom Fleming.

The Chairman of the Board, Dr Vishal Gulati, echoed the founders’ enthusiasm: “Five years ago, the founders set out with the idea to make it possible for any scientist in the world to run a biotech company with a laptop and a credit card - and thanks to Arctoris, this is now entirely possible, harnessing the power of automation for drug discovery. As Chairman of the Board of Arctoris, I am incredibly proud of where the Company stands today, and I am excited about what lies ahead, on our path to redesigning drug discovery from the ground up.”