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Ariana™ Pharma Offers new Clinical and Safety Services

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Ariana™ Pharma has announced the launch of KEM Clinicals, a new version of its successful decision support platform KEM® - Knowledge Extraction and Management. The new version is dedicated to supporting the clinical development and safety process. It is available as a service offering from Ariana Pharma to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

KEM Clinicals has been developed in response to the demand for designing improved clinical trials speedily. KEM Clinicals is not only capable of merely testing hypotheses but it will actually generate robust hypotheses consistent with existing data relevant to the objectives sought. This addresses the problem of eliminating the bias stemming from poor initial information.

To achieve the client's objectives for clinical trial analysis, KEM Clinicals uses combinations of the following features: improved protocol design (optimal inclusion/exclusion criteria); early Adverse Events detection and characterization; identification of surrogate Endpoints; design of new Composite Efficacy/Safety Endpoints; optimizing benefit / risk ratio through exhaustive responder analysis and characterizing populations at baseline.

In addition, using KEM Clinicals will enable existing Ariana customers to shorten significantly the timeline for clinical trial data analysis by up to six weeks - typically from 10-14 weeks to 8-10 weeks.

The decision support provided by KEM® also helps expedite product registration and can also be used for effective product repositioning.

"These major new enhancements show that Ariana has delivered on its commitment to expand further the capabilities of KEM, and allow the company to enter a new growth area, that of efficient clinical trial data analysis," said Mohammad Afshar, Ariana Pharma's CEO.

KEM® already held significant advantages over traditional numerical methods by providing exhaustive analysis, generation and prioritization of hypotheses, an easy to interpret system, the handling of missing data, and multi objective optimization.