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ARTEL Expands Service Offering to Liquid Handling Quality Assurance

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ARTEL launches Liquid Handling Quality Assurance (LHQA) services to meet advancements in laboratory liquid handling technology. An expansion of the company’s previously launched quality assurance services for liquid delivery, the LHQATM service suite builds on ARTEL’s measurement technologies and growing capabilities.

To launch LHQA, ARTEL is introducing its new Liquid Handler Performance Verification service. Providing third-party, documented assessment of equipment accuracy and precision, this service can be applied to most makes and models of liquid handlers, from single- to 384-channel devices.

According to Company, with Liquid Handler Performance Verification and other LHQA services, laboratories can have confidence in data generated in a range of liquid handling applications to strengthen compliance, ensure repeatability and improve productivity.

“Today’s laboratories need quality assurance for the entire liquid handling process, not just liquid delivery, and this requires tools and resources that many simply do not have,” says Kirby Pilcher, President, ARTEL.

“Our upgraded service offering allows laboratories to access ARTEL’s expertise, qualified staff and proven technology to optimize liquid handling applications with no capital or labor commitment. Scarce resources can be focused on core, profit-generating activities.”

ARTEL’s new Liquid Handler Performance Verification service addresses a major component of laboratory quality assurance equipment performance verification. Regular assessment of automated liquid handlers is necessary to ensure data integrity, avoid remedial action, comply with regulations and ensure standardization, critical for inter-laboratory comparability and method transfer.

As automated liquid handlers work with smaller liquid volumes, laboratories require more rigorous and advanced quality assurance processes.

“Many laboratories do not have in-house calibration technologies capable of rapid, low-volume measurement, nor trained liquid delivery experts on staff,” says Pilcher.

“ARTEL’s service helps laboratories overcome this lack of adequate resources, speed-up the verification process and meet internal and regulatory standards.”

During a Liquid Handler Performance Verification service visit, a trained ARTEL application specialist conducts device verification with the ARTEL MVS® (Multichannel Verification System).

The MVS performs a multi-point verification at critical assay volumes within optimal tolerances, which can be established by the customer or developed with guidance from ARTEL.

“Our MVS is successfully used by many laboratories that prefer internal control of their liquid handling quality assurance programs. However, a growing number of facilities prefer that external vendors perform calibration,” says Wendy Vaccaro, LHQA Services Manager.

“With our new service, we can meet the demands of laboratories seeking third-party verification of all liquid handling equipment. We can also serve existing MVS customers who only wish to outsource annual, more thorough calibrations and continue to use the MVS internally for interim checks and before critical, costly assays.”