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ARTEL MVS Verifies Non-Aqueous Solution Volumes Dispensed by Automated Liquid Handlers

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Artel has developed functionality for the ARTEL MVS® Multichannel Verification System to verify volumes of glycerol, ethanol and DMSO transferred from an automated liquid handling system or a handheld pipette to a microtiter plate.

The MVS is a user-friendly system that provides data documenting the volume dispense performance of each channel of an automated liquid handler. Able to function within a volume range of 100nL to 50 µL, the system provides automatic reporting of volume statistics on tip-by-tip and well-by-well bases within minutes of dispensing. It can be fully integrated into existing automated quality control protocols and implemented by a technician of any skill level.

“With laboratories now relying more and more on non-aqueous reagents for their assays, scientists and researchers require a reliable method to ensure the quality of their liquid handling methods,” said Kirby Pilcher, President, Artel. “Especially in the life science research environment where low-volume and volume-critical applications are increasingly typical, liquid handling quality is a high priority. The MVS is a simple, reliable method to verify the performance of an automated liquid handler.”

The MVS incorporates ratiometric photometry, a technology that uses the absorbance values of two dye solutions to calculate dispensed volume in each well of a microtiter plate. It is portable and does not require rigorous environmental controls. The system is compatible with 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates and can verify automated liquid handlers with 1 – 384 dispensing tips.