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Asynt Announces a New Baby in the ReactoMate Family

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The ReactoMate Compact is constructed using stainless steel components for excellent stability and the standard operating temperature range is –60ºC to 190ºC. Larger vessels, 3,000–5,000 ml, can be supported at the bottom as well as at the top for superior strength and safety.

Set-up is simple and the space-saving design ensures that the unit takes up as little space as possible in a standard fume cupboard while providing convenient access to the reaction vessel. The facility to adjust height during operation means that additions can be made easily and space is allowed for draining the vessel contents.

The ReactoMate Compact is part of a comprehensive system which includes stand, a choice of single and double jacketed vessels (glass, steel, Hastelloy or PTFE), and ancillary equipment. Heating/cooling circulators are available to match customer specifications and overhead stirrers with flexible coupling options can also be provided.

In order to overcome problems arising when optimising and scaling-up laboratory processes, Asynt reaction vessels can be manufactured with the benefit of an evaluation of agitation by Innovative Physical Organic Solutions (IPOS).

Asynt’s innovative ReactoMate Reaction Support Systems for process development and other chemistry applications are all manufactured in the UK. Ordering is simple and Asynt offers competitive pricing.