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Automated Flow Chemistry Synthesis of Combinatorial Libraries

Automated Flow Chemistry Synthesis of Combinatorial Libraries content piece image
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Uniqsis have announced the FlowSyn Automated Loop Filling (FlowSyn Auto-LF™) system – a new automated product designed to harness the power of flow chemistry to deliver more compounds faster.

The FlowSyn Auto-LF is a powerful and highly efficient module for running multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs under different sets of chemical conditions. This new product is ideal for robotic synthesis groups looking to generate combinatorial libraries utilizing the power of flow chemistry.

Designed to run multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs (with a choice of 2 or 4 channels) this intelligent simultaneous loop filling and fraction collection system can save valuable time by loading the reagent loops for the next reaction whilst the current run is in progress. Fully integrated wash protocols minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

FlowSyn Auto-LF incorporates an automated liquid handler that can accommodate up to 96 samples. Flow chemistry fractions can be collected either separately on single rack fraction collector or on a 4-rack collector to further enhance your combinatorial chemistry throughput.

Utilizing Uniqsis's highly intuitive FlowControl software – the FlowSyn Auto-LF displays graphical real time information (reactor(s) temperature, system and individual pump pressures for reaction monitoring and data logging as well as flow rate/residence time. Setting up multiple reaction protocols is straightforward utilizing the FlowControl software’s wizard-based approach.

FlowSyn Auto-LF™ is compatible with Uniqsis HotCoil™, ColdCoil™, HotChip™ and PolarBear GSM™ reactors with an operating temperature range of -70°C to 300°C.