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Automated Microplate Spin-down Station

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Velocity11 has announced an Automated Microplate Spin-down Station that enables batches of microplates to be spun down in parallel.

Integrating the Velocity11 BenchCel® Microplate Handling System and VSpin® Access 2 Automated Microplate Centrifuge the new workstation provides walk-away convenience for handling up to 320 microplates. A simple software interface allows users to specify the centrifugation settings and with a click of the mouse, the BenchCel System and VSpin Centrifuge take care of the rest.

According to Velocity11, the VSpin® Automated Microplate Centrifuge is the smallest robotic-accessible automated centrifuge on the market. It can provide unmatched vibration and noise control in a small, low maintenance package. Ideal for high or medium throughput applications, the VSpin features a dual position design to accommodate two standard microplates at a time.

The Company claims that the VSpin is capable of acceleration and deceleration (a customisable setting), minimising the required cycle time. The VSpin is the perfect tool for filtration protocols, air bubble removal in high density plates and spin-downs including cells and cellular debris. A solid design allows VSpin units to be stacked to save space. The door design allows for access to the bucket by a range of articulated arm robots, making it the ideal solution for any high throughput system. For robots that cannot reach through the door, the Access2 plate loader allows unobstructed accessibility. With a three second loading time and robust motion control, the VSpin Access2 is the only universally accessible microplate centrifuge.

The latest (R-Series) BenchCel features a high-speed plate shuttle that enables rapid accessing of integrated microplate stacks and peripheral instruments and provides the ability to work with lidded microplates. Even the smallest R-Series BenchCel can support three peripheral instruments allowing customers to create highly configurable Workstations that combine a broad range of functionality, including barcode labeling, microplate sealing, plate reading, centrifugation as well as sophisticated liquid handling using Velocity11 or third-party peripherals.

Users can choose from 2, 4 or 6 rack instrument configurations - four different sizes of removable racks with capacities of 15 to 70 standard microplates and new expanded choices in rack design, including a front-loading door-style rack. The R-Series BenchCel is powered by Velocity11's powerful automation & control software with scheduler that includes a robot device diagnostics module with an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI).