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Beckman Coulter Launches Integrated Cytometry Solution

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Beckman Coulter, Inc. has announced the launch of its Integrated Cytometry Solution (ICS), which combines Beckman Coulter's FC 500 flow cytometer with the FP 1000 sample processing system.

The solution, now shipping, is the integrated system to offer laboratory information system (LIS) connectivity.

"This new solution reflects the essence of our company's strategy -- to simplify and automate customer processes to improve productivity," said Bonnie Anderson, vice president of Beckman Coulter's Translational Solutions Business Center.

"Through the introduction of a fully-integrated cytometry solution, we are further securing our position as a leader in flow cytometry automation."

Suited for high-volume clinical reference laboratories, ICS streamlines workflow and tracks samples throughout the testing process -- from receipt and preparation, to acquisition and analysis of data, to reporting results.

This approach helps laboratories standardize their flow cytometry testing processes, resulting in an increase in efficiency, accuracy and operator safety.

"The automation and integration advancements of our new Integrated Cytometry Solution will help reduce the cost of results reporting and speed critical information to caregivers," said Anderson.