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Benefits of BioVyon SPE Technology

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Porvair Sciences Ltd. has produced a new video that shows and describes the benefits of its new range of BioVyon™ C8 and C18 silica columns and microplates for use in Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) assays.

Accessed from www.porvair-sciences.com/video_biovyon.php the online streaming video provides an introduction to Porvair's proprietary BioVyon™ technology and describes its advantages versus traditional Solid Phase Extraction materials.

Packed bed SPE columns and microplates traditionally perform relatively inefficiently when using the shallow sorbent beds necessary to get good recovery from smaller sample volumes. By immobilizing C8 or C18 sorbent within the porous BioVyon polymer - Porvair have created a novel, high surface area matrix that provides unmatched control of flow rate.

Further the immobilized C8 or C18 sorbent cannot form liquid channels and does not require inert frits to support it thereby minimizing hold-up volume. The combination of these attributes has enabled Porvair to produce SPE columns and microplates that provide higher consistency and recoveries particularly for small sample volume assays.