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BioFocus DPI Extends Natural Products Offering

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BioFocus DPI has announced that it is expanding its natural product services to offer exclusive collaborations focused on a wide range of unexploited unique bacterial and fungal strains from its collection. 

This offering builds on BioFocus DPI’s expertise in high-throughput, natural product-based drug discovery - allowing clients to develop their own exclusive platform without considerable investment in internal infrastructure and expertise.

Through this collaborative model, BioFocus DPI clients are offered the exclusive right to exploit up to 15,000 actinomycete and fungal strains in BioFocus DPI’s collection, which BioFocus DPI would convert into fractionated extracts suitable for high-throughput screening exclusively for that client. 

It is anticipated that over 100,000 fractions could result, each containing on average 10 individual compounds, which would provide one million compounds plated out and ready for screening. 

Fractionated extracts would be prepared by BioFocus DPI’s unrivalled high-throughput proprietary capabilities.

Compounds derived from natural sources are complementary to traditional or combinatorial synthesis-derived small molecules. 

Such natural products have high structural and functional chemical pharmacological activities over a broad range of biological targets and often demonstrate potent pharmacokinetic activity.  

BioFocus DPI’s natural product offering includes an infrastructure for pre-fractionation of compounds grown from unique strains of microorganisms, ultrahigh-throughput screening technologies, isolation and structural characterization of hit molecules, and expert medicinal chemistry.

Commenting on this new service, Dr. Fritz Hansske, BioFocus DPI’s Senior Director of Natural Products, said, "The pharmaceutical industry is showing a renewed interest in using natural products to discover quality hits and leads."

"Many companies are realizing that natural product based research is an essential part of any balanced discovery approach, particularly for companies with a portfolio of disease and target classes."

"Through this expanded offering, we combine the intrinsic advantages of natural products with our proven experience in assay development and medicinal chemistry to provide a high-quality service that customers expect from BioFocus DPI."