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BioMicroLab Introduces VolumeCheck for Volume Inspection of Well Plates and Tube Racks

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BioMicroLab announces the release of a line of instrumentation for volume inspection of well plates and tube racks – the VolumeCheck.

The VolumeCheck instrument compliments BioMicroLab’s existing line of bench top robotic instruments with a volume inspection work station for tube and well plates designed for the high throughput laboratory environment.

VolumeCheck can provide laboratories the ability to verify the presence of solutions and or samples in uncapped and unsealed well plates, tube racks, or vials less than 70mm in height.

VolumeCheck is a single plate volume verification instrument based on non-contact sensors which determine the level of standard solutions like water, alcohol, or DMSO in well plates, tube racks, or commonly used vials.

VolumeCheck assists in the sample management process by utilizing a robotic instrument to generate liquid level data for each well location. The liquid level data is translated into visual volume and data results so scientists can make quick and accurate decisions while processing plates with the VolumeCheck.

The VolumeCheck is calibrated to a laboratory’s particular labware and solutions and provides the scientist with well or tube volume data in as little as 45 seconds per rack. Output data can be tailored to a laboratory’s particular LIMS requirements.

A laboratory can also integrate the VolumeCheck directly with their LIMS systems or other robotics via ActiveX controls provided by BioMicroLab.

VolumeCheck can eliminate human error by displaying color-coded results which are customizable by the end-user via the VolumeCheck Windows-based software interface. VolumeCheck is designed to provide a laboratory volume inspection with an accuracy of +/- 10µL.

VolumeCheck is being released in three models. VolumeCheck 50 reads a well or tube rack in three minutes and is manufactured for 96 well plate and tube rack labware. VolumeCheck 100 will return volume measurement in approximately 45 seconds per plate and is calibrated for 96 well and tube rack labware.

VolumeCheck 100LV scans a well or tube plate in approximately 45 seconds and is a customizable option for laboratories with large tubes and vials.