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Biosynth Carbosynth Expands Peptide Offering With Acquisition of Pepscan

Biosynth Carbosynth Expands Peptide Offering With Acquisition of Pepscan  content piece image
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Biosynth Carbosynth (“Biosynth”) announces today the acquisition of Pepscan.

Biosynth’s ability to deliver chemical manufacturing services “from the first idea to the finished product” is now matched in peptides, with Pepscan’s expertise in both lead discovery & optimization and GMP production combining with the capabilities of vivitide, the US peptide specialists, which joined Biosynth in March.

The two companies will form Biosynth’s new Peptide division, with broad capabilities and offering to the pharma & biotech, diagnostics and cosmetics industries, and their academic counterparts. Pepscan also brings proprietary technologies, like its patented CLIPS™ technology, which locks peptides into active conformations. CLIPS™ peptides are applied for lead discovery and optimization, as well as in its epitope mapping platform.

Dr. Urs Spitz, CEO and President of Biosynth, said, “We are thrilled to be able to bring Pepscan’s outstanding peptide expertise into the group and form our new, global Peptide division. This allows us to continue to simplify the supply chains for our customers across life sciences, pharma and diagnostics, so they deal with one organization for all of their needs. Pepscan is known for their scientific knowledge and expertise and have a complementary set of manufacturing to those we have already, including GMP capabilities, so it was a perfect fit”.

Hans de Backer, CEO of Pepscan, said, “This is a fantastic time to be joining Biosynth and expanding their platform in peptides.” He went on: “Pepscan has just celebrated 25 years of our leading role at the forefront of peptide developments. We are excited to look to the future with Biosynth’s global footprint enabling us to serve more customers. The entire Biosynth peptide operation can deliver a more extensive set of products & services to global customers across research, development and commercial supply”.