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Biotage and Chemspeed Introduce Microwave Synthesis Workstation

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Biotage and Chemspeed have announced the introduction of a microwave synthesis workstation named SWAVE, combining the Biotage Initiator Microwave Synthesis Module and Chemspeed automated workstation.

SWAVE offers the unique ability to fully automate the synthesis process with liquid addition, precise solid weighing, capping and crimping, irradiation and the addition of reagents for multi-step reactions.

"We selected Biotage as the clear leader in microwave synthesis technology. Our clients needed the fastest, safest, and most reliable microwave system to accelerate their development cycles. Partnering with Biotage was best solution to this growing need," commented Chemspeed CSO Dr. Christoph Moor.

"Chemspeed is the leading supplier of automated synthesis platforms with a proven track-record of full workflow solutions. Combining the Initiator with the Chemspeed workstation significantly increases throughput."

"SWAVE is the only commercially available workstation that automates the entire microwave synthesis workflow," stated Dave Patteson, President of Biotage’s Discovery Chemistry Business.

SWAVE was officially launched at the abc Technologies Conference, January 26th Basel Switzerland. All SWAVE sales and service activities will be provided by Chemspeed Technologies. Marketing will be a cooperative effort between Biotage and Chemspeed.